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Warehouse Logistics

ATGPMEX provides a comprehensive storage solution for international precious metals and conducts inventory management in multiple locations around the world. All locations are staffed with experienced professionals who have many years of experience in precious metals

ATGPMEX's warehousing and logistics solutions are provided through third-party partnerships with the world's leading providers of secure logistics solutions: Malca-Amit, Armaguard and Loomis International. Our vault providers are leaders in the logistics solutions industry and they provide the highest quality of safe, efficient and reliable services. Their modern infrastructure, advanced security systems and comprehensive insurance facilities ensure the maximum security and minimum risk of gold and silver global storag

After purchasing physical gold, silver or platinum through ATGPMEX, the participants' gold bars will remain in the designated ATGPMEX vault and secure storage area at the approved location; until a request is made to transfer, redeem or transfer it to another location.

  • 100% allocated and isolated storage
  • Direct ownership
  • Lloyds London Underwriter
  • Treat all customers with caution
  • Online access via VaultDirect™
  • Globally distributed UL (C) / Class 3 safe

Full online control of your vault 24 / 7-Buy, sell or withdraw at any time

ATGPMEX's vault storage service is an end-to-end solution for buying, selling and storing bullion. You have full online control of the 24/7 arched gold bars.

ATGPMEX's vault is a reinforced concrete vault with industry-leading security and surveillance capabilities. The vault is integrated with our retail store in the heart of Singapore.

Warehouse & Logistics Partners

Founded in 1859, Brink's is a leading provider of secure logistics and security solutions, serving more than 100 countries worldwide. Brink's expertise is in providing safe transportation, handling and storage of precious metals and other valuables to many of the world's largest commercial and government organiz